The Meeting

Turmoil abounds in Athas. Change is swiftly rocking the status quo.

Our neophyte heroes awaken within caged and bound, at an oasis in the middle of the desert. Two groups of slavers are apparently making a deal to trade slaves.

One group of elves holds possession of Shah, the arrogant, self reliant Genasi.

The other group led by a female tiefling have possession of a mentally scarred halfling named Finnan, a human female named Sadime, and a surly Dray named Torinn.

As the slave swap meet occurs the oasis is engulfed by a sand storm. Someone or something is using the sandstorm as cover, for when our heroes awaken they are alive ( although still caged) and all the slavers are dead.

Utilizing, their varied skills the party members escape their bindings, loot their former captors and introduce themselves.

Shah, explains that he was the leader of the group of elves but they turned on him, and decided that they would sell him. By this reasoning any equipment carried by the Elves was rightfully his. Shah, then went on to offer his assistance as a guide away from the oasis to safe grounds to the South west.

Finnan, unsure of the direction, questions the direction of travel. After discussion the party decides to continue on in the direction of Shah’s choice.

After several hours of travel, night begins to fall. The traveller’s well aware of the the dangers of traveling at night in the desert make camp in a rocky outcropping just off the trail.

Still unsure of each other, they decide to pull guard duty in pairs. The first shift finds Torinn and Finnan together. After the changing of the guards, the camp is attacked by two 4ft scorpions. A pitched battle ensues, with the the giant insects when two more 7ft scorpions arrive. The battle was furious but the heroes survived, with only minor cuts and scrapes.

Shah, is proving to be alert an opportunistic. Finnan, unstable at best is apparently skilled with a bow. Sadime, the only woman in the party is fast with her short sword , and Torinn is as generous as he is intimidating, healing his new friends as needed.

Where do they go…..and what will they get into…….



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